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    The dataset on offshore installations for Oil and Gas exploitation and exploration activities was created in 2015 by Cogea for the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet). It is the result of the aggregation and harmonization of datasets provided by several EU and non-EU sources. It is updated every year, and is available for viewing and download on EMODnet - Human Activities web portal ( The dataset contains points representing offshore installations and where available each point has the following attributes: ID, name, country, location block, operator, production start year, primary production, current status, category and function of the installation, sub-structure and topside weights (tonnes), water depth (metres), distance to coast (metres) and remarks. The OSPAR commission source covers data for Germany, Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom, while for Italy data have been collected and harmonized from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, for Norway from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, for Denmark from the Danish Energy Agency, for the Netherlands from the TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands, for Croatia from the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency, from Marine Traffic and Helcom data on Polish and Russian installations in the Baltic Sea, from Marine Traffic data on Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian installations in the Black Sea, Lybian and Spanish installations in the Mediterranean Sea. Compared with the previous version this new version has been updated for all countries.